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Magnetic Water

Scientific proof that water can be magnetised

Magnetic water remains a little talked about treatment in the field of magnetic therapy and there is always conjecture as to the validity of magnetising water. Despite this scepticism magnetic water remains one of magnet therapies most powerful treatments.

Many so called ‘experts’ insist that it is impossible to magnetise water, that water quite simply can not hold a magnetic charge.

The scientist’s answer would be “If you care to do a little more scientific research and you will find that all water in its natural state has a magnetic charge”. In order to understand how magnetised water works it is crucial to have some knowledge about the water that comes out of your tap.

The original source of water is mountain streams, which then flows into rivers and finally out to the sea. The water has had contact with both overground and underground during its journey to the sea. As the water passes underground (many rivers and streams pass under ground) it comes into contact with the earth’s magnetic field. The magnetic charge is passed into the water and it becomes magnetised.

Similarly as water flows over ground it comes into contact with magnetic rock and water is again magnetised. Once water is finally collected for consumption, it has to be treated and purified. During transportation to the treatment plant the water is carried in underground metal pipes. Here the water is de-magnetised by the presence of the metallic lining of the pipes and when it is purified and then appears out of your tap it is no longer magnetised.

If you drink water from a spring at its source it will be definitely be magnetised. The benefits of spring water have long been recognised, however once the water is bottled and removed from the source it will only keep it’s magnetism for three days before it dissipates. It is not possible to permanently magnetise water.

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