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Types of magnets

Types of magnets used in Magnet Therapy

There are three main types of magnets used in magnetic therapy:

1. Flexible rubber magnets - most commonly referred to as "refrigerator magnets", the magnets used in magnetic therapy are stronger and thicker. Their gauss ratings vary from 1500 to 2650. Due to their limited magnetic strength, do not use this type of magnet.

2. Ceramic magnets - a compound made of strontium carbonate and ferric oxide powder. Ceramic magnets are available commercially in 2300 gauss (grade 1), 3800 gauss (grade 5) and 3950 gauss (grade 8).

3. Neodymium magnets - This is the strongest type of magnet. It is a blend of the rare earth element, Neodymium, with Iron and Boron. Commercial Neodymium magnets are typically 10,800 gauss (grade 27) to 12,300 gauss (grade 35).

Whichever type of material is used, only the bio-north (negative) side of a magnet should face the body.

If you are wearing a magnetic therapy back support the bio-south (positive) side should never face the body, as this can increase pain and inflammation, stimulate anxiety and restlessness, and in some cases has been shown to increase growth of bacteria.