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When To Stop

When To Stop Using Magnetic Therapy?

If you stop using magnetic therapy too soon this can sometimes allow pain to return.

Though your pain and swelling may have gone, healing damaged tissue takes longer. In fact, the healing process does not begin until swelling leaves the area.

For example, after pain from an ankle sprain subsides, you should continue to use the magnetic ankle support for several days to a couple weeks, depending on the severity of the sprain.

In many cases, magnetic therapy can speed up recovery time by 30% - 50%. You should consider your particular injury or condition, and allow reasonable time for the healing to take place.

For really chronic conditions like arthritis, once the pain and inflammation subside, continue using the magnets consistently for several more days.

Afterwards, you may need to use magnets occasionally, for shorter periods of time. Use them to maintain natural pain relief as needed.

If you stop using magnet therapy and your pain returns, simply re-use the magnets for a longer time.