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How Quick Will It Work?

How Quickly Does Magnetic Therapy Work?

This depends on five crucial factors:

1. Type of condition or injury

2. Severity of the condition or injury

3. How long has the condition or injury has existed

4. Individual sensitivity to magnetic fields

5. Consistency of use

With recent injuries, most people start feeling better within a day or two of consistent use. Some are lucky enough to see results within hours or even minutes. (This is most noticeable when using a magnetic ankle support or a magnetic neck support which will help with recent swelling or bruising.)

With chronic pain and degenerative conditions that have existed for many years, magnetic therapy often requires about one to three weeks before making a noticeable difference.

As a general rule, people over the age of fifty tend to respond much quicker than those younger.

Consistent use is very important. Not giving magnetic therapy enough time to work is one of the main reasons for poor results.

Using magnetic therapy as often as possible, will provide faster, more substantial results.