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Does Magnetic Therapy have any side effects?

Are there any adverse side effects associated with Magnetic Therapy?

The World Health Organization has issued a formal statement confirming that static magnetic fields (exactly like the ones used in magnet therapy) pose no health risks to humans or animals whatsoever.

Absolutely no health complications have ever been reported due to the use of magnetic therapy. Some people have noted sensations of warmth, sweating, or tingling when they initially begin using magnetic therapy.

This is due to an increase in blood circulation, and is perfectly normal.

This sensation typically reduces and then disappears completely within the first 48 hours of use.

When magnetic therapy products such as a magnetic knee support are used over recent injuries or areas of swelling, some people have noted a "pulling" or "flowing" feeling. This is also perfectly normal, and is a good thing as swelling decreases and the accumulation of blood and fluids in the area moves away.