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Best Results

How Do I Get The Best Results From Magnetic Therapy?

The key to success when using magnetic therapy for natural pain relief and healing is consistency.

You shoud use the product every day as directed, or you could see the pain and swelling come back, and slow the healing process. Consistent use will definitely provide faster, more noticable results.

Generally speaking, magnetic therapy should be used directly over the area of pain.

Although on occasions pain can radiate from one body area to another.

For example, when using a magnetic back support, pain in the back can radiate through the nerve and travel down into the thigh too. And limping from pain in the foot, can start to cause hip pain.

If magnetic therapy does not seem to be working well in one area, try moving the magnet to a related area. Surprisingly this may well have a greater effect.

Magnetic therapy products can also be placed over acupuncture points, to influence the same meridians or energy channels.

Thera-dot neodymium acupuncture magnets are the best choice for this type of treatment. You should always consult a licensed acupuncturist to learn how to properly apply magnets over acupuncture points.