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Magnet Therapy myth or a fact?

Magnetic Therapy, Fact or Fiction?

As with so many treatments and remedies known to the practitioners and adherents of alternative and complementary medicine, there is a great deal of disagreement concerning the effectiveness of magnets when used as therapy. There are certain conditions and diseases upon which magnets have little to no effect. But there are also ways in which magnets have been scientifically proven to be of great benefit.

Circulation is the one area where scientists agree that magnets are of help. Blood contains large quantities of iron, so a properly placed magnet is believed to attract the iron molecules, aligning your body`s magnetic field and encouraging improved blood flow. The benefits of improved blood flow are many. Your blood carries oxygen, water and nutrients throughout your entire body, nourishing your brain, muscles and organs, including your skin. Increased blood flow to the brain intensifies alertness and mental function and enhances mood. Staying well hydrated allows your body to carry on all of its natural functions, including detoxing, more efficiently.

The benefits of increased circulation to your skin are immediately apparent and patients have clearer, smoother, tighter skin and healthier, stronger, shinier hair and nails. A trial conducted in 2004 by the British Medical Journal studied the therapeutic effects of magnetic bracelets by outfitting one group of arthritis sufferers with magnetic bracelets and another with placebo bracelets containing no magnetic properties. The study results indicated that those who had been given the magnetic bracelets felt a definite reduction in the pain and stiffness associated with arthritis. The theory is that because electrical impulses carry information from the brain through the nerves, the presence of magnets enhances this communication. Whatever the underlying process may be, magnets are often used in the equine community to treat horses, which are immune to the placebo effect.

Another widely held belief is that magnets can ease pain other than that associated with arthritis. The American Journal of Pain published the results of a study conducted by Dr. Michael Weintraub which indicated that patients suffering from diabetic foot pain found relief when wearing magnetic socks. This may also have to do with the effects of magnets on the way information is passed through the nerves.

Many countries, including Japan, have licensed magnetic therapists, but the medical establishment in the Western world has not yet entirely accepted the idea that magnetic therapy has any merit. While there are ways that magnets can help to improve your health, such as increasing circulation and easing stiffness and pain, no magnet invented can cure cancer. They also cannot make you lose weight unless you also eat a lean and healthy diet, stay hydrated, get plenty of rest and engage in regular exercise. However, any healthy lifestyle is enhanced by increased circulation as well as freedom from stiffness and pain.

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