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Magnetic Neck Wrap

Magnetic Neck Wrap

Magnetic Neck Wrap
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Magnetic Therapy Neck Wrap From Armadillo

Our magentic neck wrap / support is a soft comfortable neoprene which consists of a neck band which comfortably adjusts to fit around the neck and one magnetic patch. You insert into the neck band the magnetic patch which provides magnetic therapy for the neck and upper spine.

Within the magnetic patch there are 9 x 1000 gauss north facing deep penetrating magnets. These will help to increase the blood flow and in turn improve the supply of oxygen and nutrients into the muscle and tissue which will help to neutralize the chemical imbalance occurring which is the cause of most pain and discomfort.

The material is a soft but durable poly/cotton blend and fastens with Velcro. One size neck wrap will fit all sizes. The magnetic neck wrap is washable (handwash) in warm soapy water and can be used as long as is needed.

Suitable for ladies or gentlemen.

Colour - Black

Size - One size fits all