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Magnetic Mattress Cover

Magnetic Mattress Cover

Magnetic Mattress Cover
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Magnetic Therapy Matress Cover

Magnetic Therapy Mattress Pad with FREE Pillow Pad.

Amazing Magnetic Mattress Cover could let you sleep away your aches and pains.

Now, you can put the power of magnets to work for you - with pinpoint accuracy - anywhere on your body with our amazing Magnetic Mattress Cover.

Just lay the quilted pad over your mattress, under the sheet and relax while more a hundred 1" disc magnets do their wonderful work. Immersed in their smoothing magnetic field, you won't even be aware that they're there - but when you wake, you'll be amazed at how good you feel!!!

This Magnetic Mattress Cover with Free Pillow Pad uses magnets to help you get a betterr night's sleep. While you sleep, the magnets may help improve circulation, ease stiffness and muscle aches.

Wake refreshed every morning!

Over 100 magnets in the mattress cover and pillow pad create an energy field, which may aid in soothing muscle aches.
•Super Soft Cushion Padding
•Contains over 100 magnets with 800 Gauss each magnet

This soft mattress and pillow set contain strategically placed magnets tp help relax muscles, improvcirculation and de-stress during a good night's sleep.

Not suitable for use with a pacemaker

The Magna Mat is a soft & silky quilted 45" x 28" mattress. FREE Magna Pillow Pad is a 8" x 13" pillow pad that comes as a bonus. This pad together with the mattress offers full body treatment throughout the night.