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Pair of Magnetic Therapy Fetlock Wraps

Pair of Magnetic Therapy Fetlock Wraps

Pair of Magnetic Therapy Fetlock Wraps
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Pair of Magnetic Therapy Ankle / Fetlock Wraps  

Our quality, magnetic therapy Horse and Pony Fetlock wraps incorporate 24 bio magnets 3/4" diameter each.

Each magnet has a powerful 1000 gauss rating (deep penetrating) these magnets will deliver a uniformed North polarity (healing and sedating) bio magnetic field for deep penetration and fast results.

The wraps are soft lightweight and made from breathable polycotton and are quick and easy to apply!

Specially designed to fit on either front or back fetlock or ankle of your Horse or Pony.

Made from special durable, flexible and soft polycotton material.

The boot wraps come with two FREE booster patches which incorporate two 1000 gauss magnets in each patch, use these versatile little patches to boost magnetic therapy exactly where it is needed on your Horse or Pony. (Extra patches are also available)

The 34" x 8" Universal Magnetic Horse Wrap enhances circulation, cellular activity in joints, muscles, tendons & Ligaments.

Designed with three Velcro closures to deliver secure wear adjustments which are easy to apply and can be used for all size horses and ponies.

One size fits all ! Easy and quick to apply and can be washed in cool, soapy water.

Likley Benefits from use:
- Easing of Fetlock Damage
- Reduction of Swelling
- Reduction of Bruising
- Reduction Of Heat, Caused By Injury
- Preventative Precaution After Workouts
- Soothing, particularly after hard ground conditions.

Ideal for Horses or Ponies involved in:
- Endurance
- Racing
- Eventing
- Show Jumping
- Polo
- Hunting
- Travelling
- General Maintenance

Can be worn for up to 12 hours - The ideal is probably overnight.