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What The Press Say
News Of The World January 9th 2000

News Of The World January 9th 2000

HORSE lover Gail Rawlings was in tears when vets advised that her champion mare April would have to be shot after breaking a leg.

She said no - and April is once again winning show jumping competitions at the grand age of 25, thanks to a pair of magnetic boots!

Gail, 34, of Whitchurch, Bristol, tried the boots in desperation after a friend came up with the bizarre idea.

She said: "Quite frankly I was flabbergasted by the results. On the day the vet came I literally had the local abattoir on standby to come and turn her into pet food. She could barely move."

"Yet I put the boots on her Monday evening, and by Wednesday morning she was walking around her stables. A week later she was running around in the fields and soon after that she was back jumping fences like a filly."

"It's like a 70-year-old woman with a broken hip who couldn't walk suddenly making a full recovery and running the London Marathon."