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How Magnets Can Help You

Magnetic therapy has long been used for natural pain relief in both humans and animals, thermography, which detects different temperatures within tissue, has shown that there is an increase in blood flow (shown by higher temperature) when magnets are used.

Additionally scintigraphy scanning, which measures the uptake of an injected substance, has shown a 30% improvement in this uptake in soft tissue and bones which have been treated with magnets. 

Magnetic Therapy is a natural treatment and therefore the actual treatment itself is safe to use, but as with all types of alternative treatment, medical advice should be sought at the outset, in order that an accurate diagnosis is made prior to treatment and genuine pain relief can be achieved.

Magnetic therapy products should not be worn by anyone fitted with a heart pacemaker and there is no substitute for sound medical advice

We would recommend that if you are, or have been, receiving any treatment for a particular condition that you consult your practitioner.

The use of magnetic therapy can also be used to help maintain general condition, especially when travelling or after strenuous exercise. It can help sore backs and general stiffness, tiredness, arthritis and strains and sprains, as well as helping to prevent these problems from occurring in the first place. Magnets have been shown to successfully treat a wide range of medical disorders. There is a variety of magnet therapy products designed to heal and alleviate pain for virtually every part of the body.