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Magnetic Therapy Knee Support

Magnetic Therapy  Knee Support is now available on the NHS

It could be called the ‘Cleopatra Effect’!

Magnetic therapy, which has held the rich and powerful in thrall from ancient Egypt to the modern day, is about to made available on the National Health Service. It appears that NHS accountants were so impressed by the cost-effectiveness of a magnetic therapy knee support that they have suggested that doctors should be allowed prescribe them to patients.

Magnetic therapy, which was pioneered in ancient Egypt, has become one of the mainstays of modern alternative medicine. Its supporters include Cherie Blair, Bill Clinton and Sir Anthony Hopkins.

Although its merits are often challenged by skeptics it is used by thousands of people to treat joint pains, sports injuries, back ache, muscle soreness and period pain.

Magnetic therapy for pets is also very popular — Horses, Cats and Dogs in particular. Apparently the magnetic leg wrap was inspired by a pet dog named Kiri, which developed severe arthritis. Conventional treatments did not help him and so after researching the use of magnet therapy, Kiri's owner, Derek Price, made him a magnetic dog collar. The dog made a remarkable recovery, which led Price to start manufacturing magnetic treatment for animals and human beings.

The NHS Prescription Pricing Authority in the UK has determined that the use of a magnetic leg wrap is not just good for patients, but also makes sound economic sense. The authority has suggested that magnets will save money on bandages and nurses' time. It has included magnetic leg wraps on the official list of items that can be prescribed on the NHS.

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