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Magnetic Jewelry

Do Magnetic Bracelets, Necklaces and Jewelry work?

Magnetic jewelry is made to be more fashionable  than therapeutic.

Magnetic bracelets and necklaces use very tiny magnets and so their magnetic fields are also very small - offering limited benefit.

A magnetic bracelet will never be as effective as a magnetic wrist wrap or magnetic support using larger, stronger magnets.Even a single, 1" diameter x 1/8" thick neodymium magnet will have far greater effects.

Most importantly, a magnetic bracelet will not provide back pain relief , reduce headaches, or improve blood circulation for the whole body. Most magnetic bracelets cannot even penetrate completely through the wrist.

Magnetic therapy is limited to the body area where the magnets are applied. Its effects do not spread out.

In order to provide back pain relief, a magnetic therapy back support or pad should ideally be used directly over the area of pain. For the whole body, a magnetic mattress cover or pad is even better.