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A history of Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic Therapy - Where did it all begin?

Similar to acupuncture, magnetic therapy goes back thousands of years, when its use was far more widespread. The oldest origins trace back 100,000 years to Africa, and ancient texts describe its practice in ancient Greece, China, India and Egypt.

During the 1800s and early 1900s, doctors in America often prescribed magnets for various ailments, from headaches to gout. Also as medical supplies ran low, Russian soldiers often used magnets during World War II.

Today, Magnetic therapy is widely accepted in Germany, France, UK, India, Japan, Italy, Israel and many other countries. Most government health systems recognise magnetic therapy as a viable and cost-effective treatment for pain relief and faster recovery after injury or surgery.Magnetic therapy for horses is also widely used in all of these countries. 

The NHS in Britain is the most recent to begin allowing doctors to prescribe magnetic products such as magnetic elbow supports in order to aid recovery from injuries..

For decades, the safety and effectiveness of magnet therapy has been scientifically proven in over many studies and clinical trials. These have been conducted by major universities and hospitals, both in the U.S.A. and around the world.

As far back as the 60s, NASA discovered the importance of magnetic fields for the human body.

To this day, magnets are used in space flight to help maintain astronauts' health and reduce the effects of magnetic field deficiency when returning to earth.

Today, more magnetic therapy research is being done than ever before. Scientists are trying to understand exactly how magnets affect different physiological processes – from blood circulation, to bone formation, to the electro-chemical pain signals sent by nerves.