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Do They Really Work ?
Biomagnetic therapy (also known as magnetic therapy, magnotherapy and magno therapy) is a non-traditional or alternative method of pain relief, as well as a holistic tool for increased health and vitality. Although the use of magnets for their healing properties has been documented by a wide variety of cultures for thousands of years, ‘traditional’ or ‘western’ medical practitioners have generally not accepted the benefits of magnetic therapy.
However in recent years biomagnetic therapy has begun to gain some acceptance and credibility among a growing number of doctors as a greater number of successes are reported for patients treated with magnetic therapy.
There are several theories about how biomagnetic therapy works. The primary basis of these theories relates to the fact that the earth’s magnetic field has a significant impact on all living things and that life itself is dependent upon magnetic energy. A striking example of this connection was discovered by NASA. The first astronauts to orbit earth outside of the earth’s magnetic field returned home sick and weakened. NASA scientists discovered their illness was caused by a lack of magnetism and solved the problem placing magnets in spacecrafts and spacesuits. 

Due to the lack of a large number of double-blind studies, the primary evidence  for the success of magnets as healing agents is anecdotal evidence – personal stories of people who got positive results from as minor as relieving nagging chronic pain to major changes in the quality of life.

 Anecdotal evidence or testimonials are not accepted as scientific proof but the overwhelming amount of positive anecdotal evidence regarding biomagnetic therapy is compelling.  A few recent studies have shown that seven out of ten people who tried magnetic therapy for pain relief achieved significant improvement within five days. There is no guarantee that magnetic therapy will help any specific individual, but there are also no harmful side effects.