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Magnetic Therapy For Horses

How to use Magnetic Therapy on horses

You can use magnetic therapy to treat your horse or pony if they have bumps, bruises, sprains and strains.

Magnetic therapy for horses has long been used to increase blood flow and oxygen, help reduce inflammation and relieve swelling and ease discomfort.

Here’s a few tips

1) Blanket your horse with a magnetic horse blanket for overall health and well-being. Use a lighter blanket in Summer/Spring months or if your horse is stabled.

2) Use a magnetic patch wrap if your horse seems to have strained the neck or leg area.

3) Place magnetic bell boots over your horse's hooves during strenuous exercise to protect them with a magnetic field.

4) For problem areas, such as hocks, pasterns and knees use a magnetic wrap to help heal and support.

5) Get a magnetic underpad to use on your horse's back while riding in order to prevent back soreness. These magnetic pads also promote air flow.

6) Massage your horse with a magnetic massager following workouts or shows for a pulsating magnetic effect that relaxes and softens tense muscles.

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