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Magnet Therapy For Cats And Dogs

Magnetic Therapy is great for Dogs and Cats.

The blood circulation for both cats and dogs is much quicker than that of a human.

They have less circulating volume and therefore magnetic fields are absorbed much quicker than in humans.This makes treating your favourite pets, cats and dogs, much easier than treating humans.

If magnets are placed around a dog or cat’s neck, ideally in a collar, the magnetic field will be absorbed very rapidly into the carotid artery (this is the main artery that carries oxygen from the heart to the head and neck).

The magnetic field travels around the pet’s body in a short space of time and increases blood flow to the tissue and organs in the same way as it does in humans. Inflammation is also resolved and new cell growth will be encouraged.

This means that most dog or cat ailments can be treated with a magnetic dog collar or a magnetic cat collar. Also a magnetic dog bed or cat bed is ideal for treating your pets whole body and also aids their sleeping.

The strength of the magnets and the number of magnets required is related to the type and size of dog. The smaller the dog the less magnetic strength is required. You should also be aware that the same rules apply to animal magnets as those of human magnets - there must be a minimum of 800 gauss/80 m Tesla to penetrate into the blood stream.