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What People Say About Magnets
I just wanted to say that the magnetic collar that I bought for my dog the other week is fantastic and he is walking well again without the limp that he has had for 3 years. He is like a new dog and is off his pain-killers from the vet and that's in less than a month. Amazing product! Thanks
Maureen D
"I would like to tell you how helpful the Magnetic Copper bracelet has been to me. I suffer form an autoimmune disease, which means I can't take medication for the rheumatoid arthritis I also have. I wear a magnetic bracelet, and I can honestly say that it has really helped"
Vivienne Shaw.
Romford, Essex.
“It’s a life changing experience hesitation but to recommend to any of my charges the magnetic products with the message - no arguing, just buy one!"
Ron McAndrew
Coach & England Team Manager (Cross Country)
"I suffered from terrible pains for years. Within a week or two of starting magnetic therapy for pain relief, I was rejoicing that it was the answer to my prayers"
Anthony Hopkins
Oscar winning actor
"I had arthritis for a long time, I tried every pill, nostrum and treatment, and then I tried magnets. I now wear them in my shoes and on my lumbar spine, I believe they've kept me functioning in relative comfort."
Dick Van Dyk
“I use to suffer with my horrendous migraines on a weekly basis, I have now worn my magnetic bracelet for over two years and find I probably only have one migraine a month now. I never take my bracelet off!”
Rachel Cowley
High Wycombe, Bucks.
"Being a typist I suffer from tired and painful wrist. The magnetic bracelet has taken the discomfort away and everyone comments on how good it looks"
Lynne Wilkinson (P.A.)
“I suffered from sciatica for years but I am amazed at how quick I got relief after using the magnetic insoles.”
Mrs G Cunningham
"90% of Senior PGA players now wear therapeutic magnets."