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Relief Of Back Pain

How Does Magnetic Therapy Relieve Back Pain?

The lack of sufficient oxygen in muscle tissue is one of the main causes of back muscle spasms, and the subsequent poor circulation is a major cause of back pain and stiffness.

(Note that this is why heavy smokers are more susceptible to chronic lower back pain).

When applied to the lower back, a magnetic therapy back wrap increases the blood circulation, carrying more oxygen and nutrients to muscle tissues and cells.

This reduces both back spasms and pain, and can also improve flexibility.

Magnets also help to reduce inflammation, which can reduce pain from herniated discs and sciatica, where pressure is put on the nerves in the spine.

Medical evidence shows that magnetic fields also relieve pain more specifically, by working to rebalance the electro-chemical ion concentrations within nerve cells. This reduces and/or blocks pain signals from the brain to the affected area.