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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is magnetic therapy?
  2. How does magnetic therapy work?
  3. How can magnets help me?
  4. Is there anything else that could be considered a drawback?
  5. What is "Gauss strength"?
  6. How long does it take to work?
  7. Should I stop using my normal medicines?
1. - What is magnetic therapy?

The unique component of magnetic therapy is E.M.F. which stands for a multi-directional Electro Magnetic Force which relieves pain and promotes healing.

2. - How does magnetic therapy work?

No one knows for sure. One theory is that the magnetic field affects the iron component of the blood and therefore increases the circulation. Another theory is that this magnet field provides energy and extra oxygen in the white blood cells which help with their main function as the fighters of infection, thus decreasing the amount of pain and inflammation and aiding the body to recover homostatis.

3.  How can magnets help me?

Poor circulation can be blamed for many illness. By using magnets, the effects of the following conditions, can be eased, migraine, neck, back and leg pains, period pains, depression, arthritis, rheumatism and many more.
Good circulation in the body is one of the keys to good health, it takes oxygen and nourishment around the body and clears away the waste products that if left build up and cause ill health.
The magnets, which are used in magnetic therapy, are accepted as safe by the World Health Organisation but as a precaution certain people should not use them

  1. Pregnant women
  2. Those fitted with pacemakers or any other medical devices or implants
  3. Anyone working with high voltage machinery
  4. After surgery, because magnets may interfere with the healing process.
4. - Is there anything else that could be considered a drawback?

Magnets are 100% safe and non-invasive but they should be kept separately from any other electrical
appliances such as televisions, computers, computer discs, cassettes and credit cards, as their magnetic fields may interfere which each other.

5. - What is "Gauss strength"?

Gauss is a measure of a magnet's magnetic field strength. Generally the surface gauss of a magnet is used in descriptions of the strength of biomagnets. The gauss strength of 2000 is recognised to be one that is benefical in pain management and this is the strength that we generally used in all our jewellery.

6. - How long does it take to work?

Everyone is different, but the feedback we receive, indicates the effects are averagely felt between one to two weeks of using magnetic therapy, although some people have reported improvements within the first 24 hours.

7. - Should I stop using my normal medicines?

No, the information provided on our website is not meant to replace of supersede any instructions that you have given by your doctors or the medical profession. Our products are not sold as medical devices and we make no guarantees or promises to the results of using our products.

Please contact us if you need any further information and we will endeavour to help you in any way we can