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Introducing EMS

Pain Relief from EMS

EMS is Electro Muscle Stimulation. 

Luigi Galvani (1791) provided the first scientific evidence that current can activate muscle. During the 19th and 20th century researchers studied and documented the exact electrical properties that generate muscle movement.

It was discovered that the body functions induced by electrical stimulation caused long-term changes in the muscles.

Recent medical physiology research pinpointed the mechanisms by which electrical stimulation alters cells of muscles, blood vessels and nerves.



EMS causes adaptation, i.e. training, of muscle fibers. Because of the characteristics of skeletal muscle fibers, different types of fibers can be activated to differing degrees by different types of EMS, and the modifications induced depend on the pattern of EMS activity. These patterns, referred to as protocols or programs, will cause a different response from contraction of different fiber types. Some programs will improve fatigue resistance, i.e. endurance, others will increase force production.



EMS can be used both as a training and a therapeutic tool.

In medicine EMS is used for rehabilitation purposes, for instance in the prevention of disuse muscle atrophy. However, this should not be confused with TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator): the use of electric current in pain therapy.

Because of the effect that strengthened and toned muscles have on appearance (a stronger muscle has larger cross-section, EMS is also used by a niche of practitioners for aesthetics goals. The FDA regularly reject certification of devices that make these claims. The rationale of this rejection is that most manufacturers make claims of fat burning and weight loss. However, EMS devices cause a calorie burning that is marginal at best: calories are burnt in significant amount only when most of the body is involved in physical exercise: several muscles, the heart and the respiratory system are all engaged. This is not the case with EMS in which training is target to few muscular groups at the same time, for specific training goals.

The effectiveness of the devices for these uses has been debated but a few home devices have survived some scientific scrutiny for their advertised uses. Since the mid-1990s, wearable units in which EMS circuitry is contained in belt-like garments, neoprene shorts or other clothing items, have been present in the consumer market.

Myotech EMS unit

Myotech EMS unit

Myotech EMS unit
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The Myotech EMS 5000 is the answer for the treatment of a wide range of muscle related problems. This excellent value unit offers ease of use and straightforward operation in a compact package.

EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation and uses a gentle electrical impulse to contract and relax muscles.

Possible applications include:
relaxation of muscle spasms
reduce muscle stiffness
reduce or prevent muscle atrophy
re-educate muscles after disuse
improve blood circulation

Can be used together with a physical exercise programme to help muscle development.

Also suitable for pelvic floor exercise.

Adjustable settings give you a wide range of treatment programs to suit many needs.

All consumables are included (electrode pads, leadwires and battery).

To protect your EMS and keep all the accessories together, we give you a free zipped padded case with room for spare batteries and electrode pads.

The easy-to-use controls are protected by a sliding cover so settings cannot accidentally be changed during use. A handy belt clip means that you can use the unit when it suits you (but do not use while driving or operating machinery etc)

Includes FREE padded carry case

Technical Specifications
Output - Adjustable, 0 to max 80mA across 500Ohm load
Pulse rate - 5, 30 and 100 Hz
Pulse ramp - 1, 3 or 5 seconds
Waveform - Modified square wave with 0 DC net component
Contraction - Variable - 1 to 30 seconds
Relaxation - Variable - 1 to 45 seconds
Dimensions - 95mm x 64mm x 24mm (3.75" x 2.5" x 1")
Weight - 130g inc battery (4.6 oz)
Power source - 1 x PP3 9V alkaline battery (supplied)

This unit does not have TENS functions

For your peace of mind, your EMS 5000 unit has a 12 month warranty.
Note that warranty does not cover consumable items - electrode pads, battery and leadwires
CE approved..

Your EMS 5000 Package includes:
New dual channel EMS unit with belt clip
4 pack of electrode pads
2 lead wires
1 x 9V alkaline battery
Free padded carry case
Instruction manual
12 month warranty

EMS is safe but must not be used by people with heart pacemakers, epilepsy or during the first 36 weeks of pregnancy without your doctor's advice.
If in doubt, please consult your doctor before use.

If you are using after injury or surgery, please check with your physio or consultant.

Power TENS unit

Power TENS unit

Power TENS unit
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Dual Channel Power Tens Machine 

IMPORTANT - This unit is a DUAL Channel TENS Machine, so it has 4 electrodes.

If you see machines advertised with only 2 electrodes - it means that is only a SINGLE Channel Machine.

The major difference is that a DUAL Channel machine enables you to cover a much wider area of where the pain is situated - and will provide much better pain relief than a SINGLE Channel Machine.

DUAL Channel Machines are recommended for Back, Shoulder, Neck, Leg and Arm pain.

Single Channel machines are recommended for isolated areas such as hands, wrist and foot.

This excellent digital TENS machines is very easy to operate, with a large LCD display screen.

Analgesic transcutaneous electrical stimulation (TENS) unit with large LCD screen.
Dual channel operation
5 modes
Timer to 90 mins
High power TENS.
Large LCD screen
Large easy to use controls
Digital unit with intensity dials

Technical Specification
Channels Dual intensity-independent
Output Max 130 mA across 500 Ohm load
Pulse Width From 50µS to 250µS adjustable
Pulse rate From 1Hz to 150Hz adjustable
Waveform Symmetrical Bi-phasic rectangular
Mono-phasic rectangular
Modes Mode A -- "Constant" : Pulse with and rate are selectable.
Mode B -- "Burst I" : 2 bursts/sec, 250ms on, 250 ms off, 25 pulses within one train, pulse width=200µS.
Mode C -- "Burst II" : 2 bursts/sec, 250ms on, 250 ms off, pulse width and pulse rate are selectable.
Mode D -- "Modulation I" : Pulse width modulated from 100µS to 250µS over 6 seconds and 100µS for the next 6 seconds. Pulse rate is selectable.
Mode E -- "Modulation II" : Frequency increases from 50Hz to 100Hz while pulse width decreases from 200µS to 60µS over 5 seconds.

Treatment Timer Continuous 15min 30min 45min 60min 90min selectable

TENS will help with these types of pain and many others.
Arthritis, Post Operative Pain, Lumbago, Sports Injury, Phantom Limb Pain, Skeletal Pain, Headaches, Foot Pain, Knee Pain Muscle Ache, Chronic Pain, Neuralgia, Whiplash Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteo Arthritis,Period Pain, Cancer Pain, Back Pain, Leg Pain Joint Pain Long Term Pain, Chest Pain General Pain, Lower Back Pain, Sciatica, Muscular Shoulder Aches, Travel Sickness, Tension, Rheuma Nausea Stomach Pain, Toothache, Neck Pain, Abdominal Pain

Power TENS Package includes: TENS unit, leads, batteries, 4 electrodes, instruction manual and case.