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Welcome to Healthy Magnets!
"Being a typist I suffer from tired and painful wrist. The magnetic bracelet has taken the discomfort away and everyone comments on how good it looks"
Lynne Wilkinson (P.A.)

Magnetic therapy, magnetic body support and natural pain relief from Healthy Magnets, UK

iBalance a natural remedy

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i-Balance Bracelet, a natural alternative

Healthy adj.  (healthier, healthiest) 1. Having, showing or promoting good health. 2. Beneficial, helpful.

Magnet n. 1. A piece of iron or steel, alloy, ore etc having the properties or attracting or repelling iron. Usually in the form of a bar or horseshoe. 2. A person or thing that attracts.

Magnet Therapy

Magnet Therapy


At ‘Healthy Magnets’ we offer a range of magnetic therapy products which are an alternative to prescribed medicine. All of our products are completely natural and are designed to be used the way ‘Mother Nature’ intended them. 

Our products may give you magnetic pain relief, magnetic body support and these are complemented by a range of magnetic bracelets. 

In fact we have a range of classic magnetic bracelets as well as a really stylish Stainless Steel and Titanium Bracelets.

If you are a Sports enthusiast you will really appreciate some of our magnetic body support items such as our magnetic back support and our magnetic knee support. All of these products are designed for help with the most common sporting aches and pains offering you pain relief through magnetic therapy.

For real indulgence why not treat yourself or a loved one to a magnetic watch? As well as the healing qualities, magnetic therapy can look really great. And it tells the time too! 

 If your pets have any muscle problems we also have products which are designed to aid in the treatment of ailments like Dog Arthritis and so on.

As well as providing magnetic body support, other common personal medical problems such as snoring and lack of sleep may also be addressed by magnet therapy. Have a look at our ‘Others’ page and you will see applications for magnetic healing that you would never have imagined! 

For centuries many have believed in magnetic therapy as a source of relief from various aches and pains and here’s your chance to take advantage of those healing qualities.  There’s no need to spend huge amounts of money on consultants’ fees when ‘Healthy Magnets’ can provide you with a value for money natural & healthy cure ! 

Magnetic therapy gives natural pain relief. A range of body support products for men and women. Knee support, ankle support, back support, neck wrap, shoulder wrap.
Magnetic Back SupportMagnetic Back SupportMagnetic Back Support from Armadillo. Ideal for any sports related injury or just plain old wear and tear!
Magnetic Elbow SupportMagnetic Elbow SupportMagnetic Elbow Support ideal for any activity or sports injuries, especially tennis elbow or golfer's elbow type injuries.
Magnetic Knee SupportMagnetic Knee SupportMagnetic Therapy Knee Support ideal for any sports or activity related injury.
Magnetic Neck WrapMagnetic Neck WrapMagnetic Neck Wrap or support. Suitable for ladies or gents.
Magnetic Therapy Ankle SupportMagnetic Therapy Ankle SupportMagnetic Therapy Ankle Support from Armadillo
Magnetic Therapy Deluxe Carpal Wrist SupportMagnetic Therapy Deluxe Carpal Wrist SupportMagnetic Therapy Deluxe Carpal Wrist Support from Armadillo
Voyager Sports BandVoyager Sports BandMagnetic Therapy Voyager Sports Bracelet in black and blue.

We advise that magnet therapy should not be used if you wear a pacemaker or are pregnant. Magnetic Therapy is not a substitute for sound medical advice,  if you are unwell we recommend that you visit your doctor.